Lowe’s Incorporated – A promising start

Lowe’s Company, Incorporated is a home improvement retailer that has stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

They hire the independent auditor – “Intertek VietNam” for auditing our factory about three aspects, including C-APAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), FC (Factory Certification) and SA (Social Accountability and Environmental) before signing any contracts or orders.

Phu Minh Co.,Ltd is so proud and thanks Lowe’s for our role in providing the quality and value to Lowes’ customers. Also thanks for having audited our factory in the whole of 11th, June recently by Intertek Vietnam.

Deeply, Phu Minh expects and hopes to be taken part in one of Lowes’ supplier members, be co-operated and become the reliable partner for a long time.

The following photos being taken when Intertek come to audit Phu minh

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