The 16th Traditional Day Of Phu Minh

Every year, when March is coming, all Phu Minh’s staffs are excited in welcoming Phu Minh’s festival day – the Company Anniversary of Traditional Day_ 25th of March.

This is a get-together chance for all employees who have been working for Phu Minh company in a warm and informal atmosphere; while looking back the past stage in order to analyze what they have and haven’t done yet, then contributing the ideas, opinions to Phu Minh’s stable growth in the market.

 This year is the 16th Anniversary of the company’s Establishment (1999 -2015) – 16 years of building and developing Phu Minh trademark. Also on this chance, the Director Board has shown gratefulness to staffs who have been loyal, strongly attaching to the company from the beginning until now; and to those who have been working hard, contributing to the company’s growth.

On 16th Anniversary of Establishment, the Director Board and Labour Union’s Executive Board held a party for all Phu Minh staffs with many entertaining, performance activities so as to motivate the working spirit and solidarity between employees. The Lucky number game was a great fun.

Everybody left the party with the satisfaction of being a member of such a good company and raised their determination for commitment in the next period.

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