Phu Minh Co., Ltd was established in 1999

Phu Minh Co., Ltd was established in 1999 and is known as one of the leading companies engaging in the manufacture of rattan, bamboo, fern, seagrass products, exported to all over the world. The most advantages of Phu Minh Co are the finest quality handicrafts, reasonable price and outstanding service. By having the network of many traditional handicraft villages all over Vietnam. The big order requirements in high efficiency and flexible design by thousands of skilled Vietnamese craftsmen.

As of today, Phu Minh’s products have fascinated buyers come to approach from different countries of the world since we have devoted ourselves to the promotion of products made of natural materials and tent to the deviations, such as safety, creative & well designed, durable, functional and satisfactory services. As recycled materials, we have been caring out many activities that have great distribution to sustainable development.

Aim at having deep understanding about buyer’s favorite and mutual long term cooperation; we take the lead in setting up a R&D division for the research of environmental materials and new products. We are persistent to improve the design and functions of our company products which can meet stricter and sticker the market demand regarding CSR and other area’s quality standards such as Japan, USA and European Countries., etc

By continuously increasing product’s range, improving the combination of different materials, our purpose is not only to diversify the handmade items but also create new trends in the handicraft business field. Except the reasonable price, quality assurance and our best services, the due delivery for every sales contract will always be what Phu Minh Company could be counted on


Our History

1999 – 2003: Establishment and Stablization

Phu Minh Co., Ltd had been established on February 27th 1999, located at Ha Tay Province, with the name “ Phu Minh – Ha Tay Bamboo, Rattan & Handicraft Co., Ltd” by Mr. Nguyen Van Khiem – general director, and due to his passion enthusiasm and experience of handicrafts plus the rapid growth of the buyers’ demands in the field, he had extended the production scale to Hung Yen Province on March 25th, 2002. Meanwhile, he renamed the company as “ Phu Minh Bamboo Rattan & Handicraft Export Co., Ltd” or brieftly called  “ Phu Minh Co., Ltd”.

2004- 2005: Reinforcement and Market Development

In these two years, Phu Minh Company marked the golden age by signing two year contract with Germany partnership for the products of water – hyacinth at the beginning of year 2004.

It was also a period of great experimentations, both of production technology and contemporary handicraft designs. Besides, Phu Minh Co., Ltd was continuously being co-operated with European partners ( Germany and England) with the huge numbers of orders.

2006- At present: Diversification and Sustainable Development.

Accessory products in small and medium sizes including different types of basket, rolling, box, bowl & plate, placemat, laundry & truck and tray were combined by different materials of bamboo, rattan, sea grass, fern, water-hyacinth and lacquer ware, which were not only brought to the world fairs to attract international buyers but also represented Phu Minh Co., Ltd collection of natural products are always following the European and USA quality standard requirements.

Phu Minh Co., Ltd is achieving many creative and attractive product designs that will bring to the attention of international visitors at the fairs, which provide a great opportunity to learn more about international market requirements and business trends, as well as marketing.


Sustainable environmental measures form an integral part of Phu Minh’s strategy. Our products are 100% handmade with minimum impact on the environment due to zero carbon output during the production process.

Our rattan cane is harvested from the jungles in the Central of VietNam ( Da Nang Province) whilst taking great care in our sustainable harvesting policies.  Whilst harvesting the rattan we carefully select only the mature stems ensuring cutting the rattan above the stem/roots to encourage future re-growth of the rattan cane.  Through careful harvesting it not only secures the future livelihood for the farmers harvesting the rattan it also allows our products to remain possibly the most environmental friendly home accessories available anywhere.

Moreover, we also always ensure for our employees about Social & Working Conditions. Because we understand clearly that contributing to the development of the company through the growth of all employees based on their desire to always take on challenges and make improvements; and achieving both corporate development and employee growth under optimal conditions.

We continually listen to customers to evaluate and look at ways to further improve our footprint on CSR. Listed below are our current activities to help ensure that our products remain one of the greenest environmentally friendly products on the planet today and manufactured under acceptable working conditions.

To help achieve our target CSR goals, our company is actively pursuing the following strategies:

v  Social Working and Conditions

Ø  Minimise waste and  promote internal recycling inside our factory,

Ø  Provide a healthy and safe working environment for our whole workers and employees,

Ø  Pay higher than the minimum legal wage and compensate for overtime,

Ø  Ensure reasonable privacy, quietness and personal hygiene, in those instances where housing facilities are provided.


v  Environment

Ø  Work to reduce waste and emissions to air, ground and water,

Ø  Handle chemicals in a safe way,

Ø  Handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner,

Ø  Contribute to the recycling and reuse of materials and products,

Ø  Use wood from known areas and, if possible, from sources that are well managed and preferably independently certified as such,

Ø  Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst employees and suppliers, and will seek, where practicable, to continuously improve Company environmental performance.