Company Profile

General Information

Factory Name PHU MINH Bamboo, Rattan and Handicraft Export Company Limited
Address Pho Noi B Industrial Zone, Nghia Hiep Commune, Yen My District, Hung Yen Province, VietNam
Tel No +84 2213 972 551
Fax No +84 2213 972 550
Contact Person Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa
Mobile +84 121 31 42 191


Strengths & Opportunities

Strengths Opportunities
·         Modern machines and equipment ·         Rising demand for natural weaving products in developed countries such as US, France,Germany, Italy etc
·         Sufficient infrastructure and facilities with a more than 17.000-m2 and 10-conditioning-room factory system ·         Development of sectors like Retail, Real Estate that offers great requirements of handicrafts products
·         About 150 skilled workers ·         Development of domestic market.
·         Reasonable prices ·         E-Commerce and Internet are emerged as promissory distribution channel to market and sell the products.
·         Large, diversified and potential market (especially from Europe and Asia)  
·         Stable material sources  
·         Large product variety and range that service different markets  
·         High awareness of CSR  
·         Healthy and safe working environment for whole workers and employees  
·         Punctual lead time  
·         With ISO9001 quality management to ensure high quality in every stage production  
·         With QC department for quality control before packing  
·         With Final Inspectors independently, are audited by customers  


Factory Scale & Facility

Facility Scale
Established year 2002
Management Staff 50 persons
QC Staff 30 persons
Skilled workers 150 skilled workers
Area in-house production 10,000 (SQM)
Area drying space 3,000 (SQM)
Workshop 3 processing workshops
1 metal workshop
1 wood workshop
Dyeing 2 dyeing tanks
Painting 3 painting rooms
Drying 4 Driers
Fumigating 3 fumigating rooms
Conditioning 10 conditioning rooms (total volume: 2,500 cbm)


Capacity & Sales Performance

Market Customers
Name Volume Category
IKEA (Sweaden) 180 conts (40 HC) Rattan basket, Sea-grass & Rattan Bathroom set, Rattan bowls (food contact)
Japanese Client 120 conts (40 HC) Rattan storage items, Rattan tray & boxes
Taiwanese Client 60 conts (40 HC) Rattan, fern, bamboo, sea-grass, water-hyacinth basket, ect
Tchibo (Germany) 65 conts (40 HC) Rattan, fern, bamboo, sea-grass, , water-hyacinth basket, etc
RGI (USA) 100 conts (40 HC) Rattan, fern, sea-grass, water-hyacinth basket, etc
Other Clients 40 conts (40 HC) Water- hyacinth, rattan trays, storage items, ect
Last 4 years Volume & Turnover
Year Volume Turnover
2010 300 conts  
2011 350 conts  
2012 400 conts  
2013 450 conts  
Production Capacity: 400-500 containers (40HC/year).Main categories: Rattan, Water-hyacinth, Sea-grass, Fern. Bamboo.
Lead time: 60-90 days

Quality Control System/ SA

The Factory is always complying with:

–      5S on-site according to Japan’s Quality Standard

–      ISO 9001-2008

–      ISQS (Ikea Supplier Quality System)

The Factory Audit is passed by the following clients:

–      IKEA – yearly

–      TCHIBO – 2013

–      WALMART – 2007 & 2008

  MUJI – 2009

Cooperation Issues

Payment Term:

–      L/C: 100%

–      T/T

FOB Port Name: Hai Phong Port with distance ~80 km.

We are very interested in cooperating with you, most of term and conditions are welcome to be expressed and open discussed. We are looking forward to cooperating with you the soonest.

Thank you for your kind attention.!.


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