May 18th, 2013 – Fire Drill Training at Phu Min

As an usual, Phu Minh Co., Ltd carries out a fire drill at least once a year. It is good practice to guide fire drills by the authority so Phu Minh Co., Ltd get a realistic idea of how effective the fire evacuation plans are.

On May 18th 2013, Phu Minh Co., Ltd required all employees to take part in the fire drill training.



All of staffs and employees participated in the fire drill. Phu Minh recorded the result of fire drill in Phu Minh’s fire log book.

The fire brigade was trained to carry out Phu Minh’s fire drills and emergency evacuation procedures. This included training on how to operate any fire-fighting equipment considered necessary.


As the responsible persons, firefighter provided all employees, especially Phu Minh’s fire brigade with instruction and training so that they knew what to do in the event of a fire


Every employees, including those on temporary or short – term contracts, and others likely to be on the premises must know::

               –  How to raise the alarm if they discover a fire

               –  How to contact the fire brigade

               – How to use the fire – fighting equipment and in what circumstances

               – How to evacuate the building

               – Where to assemble and who to report to.

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